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Core Functional Fitness™

For more information on what Core Functional Fitness by Hope Zvara™ *Core Functional Fitness: Building a Foundation Are you ready to discover what your “core” really means?  If we can understand where our core is, what our core is and how to effectively use it in combination with gravity and a functional approach our changes [...]


“Bringing the person beyond the limitations of the mind to discover and experience the true inners self”.  At Copper Tree we thrive on the notion that we understand all aspects of yoga.  Physically our foundation lies in the belly of functionality; we have reassessed traditional postures for safety and functionality. Spiritually and mentally our classes [...]

Pose of the Month

Learn our Pose of the Month: Oblique Crunch Lying on your back place a mini ball under your sacrum and neutral your pelvis. Planting your feet into the earth about hips width (feel free to place a second ball or yoga block between the lower thigh/knee for more stability). Keeping neutral pelvis, inhale deeply and [...]


Our bodies are sacred and when we can better understand how our bodies are put together physically and energetically we can then better understand how they move and what is best for them; and at the center of this all is our “core”.

"You are what you let yourself become."

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Jan 12, 2012

Reiki Level II Practitioner Training~Sat, March 16th-17th 2013

Join Leann from Lotus Journeys for an amazing energetic journey of self-care,...

Jan 25, 2011

Core Functional Fitness TM

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